LINK to SAMI AHMAD KHAN’s piece in MUSE INDIA about my novel ESCAPE


Here’s the link: Sami Ahmad Khan: Three Indian SF Novels

The other two novels are Anil Menon’s THE BEAST WITH NINE MILLION FEET and Mainak Dhar’s ZOMBIESTAN.

It’s from his PhD thesis and is charmingly entitled: Escape the Beast with Nine Million Feet in Zombiestan! It’s an interesting read. I got the link (from Khan) after reading on FaceBook of ANOTHER recent publication of his, in the UK-based journal Studies in South Asian Film and Media edited by Prof. Rashmi Sawhney, a research paper on four of my short stories. This one is called SHARING AIR with GANDHI TOXIN during EXILE in 2099 AD: Manjula Padmanabhan’s Short Stories.