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This image is from the distant past. In fact if it is zoomed, it may just be possible to read the address of my barsati in Uday Park, New Delhi, framed, in the lower right-hand corner. It was my New Year’s greeting for … maybe 1990. Or 1991. I don’t remember. And since that was the pre-laptop era, I didn’t use graphics software. This was an ink drawing that I photocopied and sent around with my New Year greeting message in the speech bubble. Zoom in on the light bulb and it may be possible to see the very fine dots made by the crow-quill pen I used in those days!

So! Yes, this is my shiny new blog. I had my final briefing late last night, from EXTENTIA the Pune-based software development company that designed this website. It’s been a loooong journey. Not just the development of the site (that was pretty quick, really, if you consider that there was a long pause during which I traveled to India and released three books in July this year) but in deciding that I needed a Lit-specific site, dedicated to posting links to my books, to reviews (hollow laugh) and to interviews (even more hollow laugh). I have been using the Blogspot site YES (there’s a link to it here too) for many years now and I thought it was enough but … maybe not. It was (and is) too general. It’s where I post stuff that I’ve already posted on FB but isn’t accessible to the many friends/family who don’t use FB.

I needed something more focused and specific. And this is it. I feel like a new tenant in a sparkling clean, newly constructed modular living unit, stuffed full of exciting, innovative gadgets — widgets! — furniture and tools, most of which just happen to be invisible to me. I’ve only just moved in. I don’t know where the remote control is. I can’t find the door to the fridge. I hope there’s a bathroom …

But if you visit, I’ll write you a cup of tea.


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