Relax. There are NO jellyfish floating about this blog.

Titles are not my strong suit. Sometimes I get good ones but more often I don’t get ANY. On one occasion, while writing an essay about films-and-why-I-like-’em (for THE POPCORN ESSAYISTS, edited by Jai Arjun Singh), I couldn’t think of an appropriate title. At all. I mean, for weeks. So in frustration I called it “JELLYFISH”. A little while later, when I submitted the essay to Jai Arjun Singh, he asked me why I’d given it that name. After all, there were no references to marine invertebrates in the essay. I agreed it would be a good idea to remove the title.

So of course it remained in place.

So it’s become my title for anything that I can’t find a title for.

For instance, I could call this second post “HOUSEKEEPING” because I want to make a couple of points about this site.

(1) there’s a phantom book in the line-up of WORK links — i.e. THIS IS SUKI! Though there’s a link in place, there’s no cover art and the links don’t lead to the book. Not surprising, since the book hasn’t been available for many years. Still, I didn’t want to leave that book out of my list because it was especially dear to me: a collection of SUKI cartoons from the PIONEER days. The collection was published under an imprint called “DUCKFOOT”. It was created for that book alone, by my friend, the exceptional and outstanding SUNITA PAUL, in the days when she was running her immaculately maintained press, Paul’s Press in New Delhi’s Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase II. This is a long and wonderful story, but I’ll leave it there, because the point is, only a thousand copies were printed and they soon vanished, one way or another.

(2) Everything at this site is squeaky-new and never-been-used. So if there are other links that go nowhere or unusually awful proofing errors … please tell me about it/them. I’ll fix what I can.

Meanwhile, to return to the subject of titles — yes, I COULD have called this post HOUSEKEEPING.

But I didn’t.