There are two lists. The first one is of novels, plays, short-stories and cartoon albums. The second is of illustrated children’s books. (please note: this is by no means a complete list of all editions or even an accurate guide to availability. I will update information as and when I can. I have not included anthologies or any books in which I am the illustrator but not the author. I’ve included links to some of the sites where books can be bought)

NOVELS, PLAYS, SHORT-STORIES, CARTOON ALBUMS (listed in reverse chronological order, most recent first):

HARVEST: Published by Hachette India, 2017, this revised edition includes a reverse-gender version of the complete play and a fresh Introduction.


Harvest COVER


THE ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS / published by Hachette India, 2015

Amazon, (Kindle & Hardback) USAAmazon INDIA,

In a chaotic future world, a man risks everything, including his own body, to find a safe haven for his precious young daughter.

Review, Gillian Wright, OPEN Magazine

Review, Vrinda Nabor, HINDUSTAN TIMES

Interview, Amrita Dutta, INDIAN EXPRESS

Essay, Nilanjana Roy, BUSINESS STANDARD

Review, Prema Nandakumar, DECCAN HERALD

Review, Ipshita Nath, THE PIONEER

Review, Giti Chandra, BIBLIO (note: Biblio pages are not always available for free downloads. I scanned and posted this page here at this site and this link goes to my local link, not to the magazine’s site)


ESCAPE / published by Hachette India, 2015. This is a second edition. The first was: Picador India, 2008. All the reviews featured here were written in reference to this first edition.

Meiji is the last little girl left alive in a country ruled by a brotherhood of savage Generals.

Amazon, (Kindle) USA, Amazon, INDIA

Review, Rositta Joseph, MUSEINDIA

Review, Sumana Mukherjee, THE HINDU

Review, Supriya Nair, VERVE

BlogPost/Interview/Review Jai Arjun Singh

BlogPost, Amit Varma 

Review, Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta, THE INDIAN EXPRESS


ASTRO-NUTS, an intergalactic comedy / Hachette India Children’s Books, 2015 (originally entitled GENERAL ASSEMBLY, published by Scholastic India in “Plays for Schools” 2007)

Furious words and feisty characters fill the stage in this Young Adult play about the first delegation from Earth to address an Inter-Galactic conference.

Amazon, (Kindle) USA  Amazon, INDIA


THREE VIRGINS / Zubaan, 2013

A collection of short stories including FEAST, about a European vampire visiting India for the first time.

Amazon, USA, Amazon, INDIA

Review, Mitali Saran, TEHELKA

Review, Namita Gokhale, OUTLOOK



UNPRINCESS! / Penguin Books India, 2005

Three profusely illustrated stories about three funny, feisty and fearless girls.

Amazon, USAAmazon, INDIA


DOUBLE TALK / Penguin Books India, 2005

A collection of SUKI cartoon strips from the pages of the Sunday Observer, Bombay, 1982-1986.

Amazon, INDIA

Review, Arul Mani, THE LADIES FINGER  


KLEPTOMANIA / Penguin Books India, 2004

A collection of short stories: flavourful, funny, disturbing.

Amazon, INDIA

Review, Tara Sahgal, INDIA TODAY


MOUSE INVADERS / Macmillan Childrens Books, 2004 (author’s name on the cover: Manjula Padma. Out of print)

When a new threat looms over his friends, Arvee, the white laboratory mouse must find a way to save them all.

Amazon, UK


MOUSE ATTACK / Macmillan Childrens Books, 2003 (author’s name on the cover: Manjula Padma)

Amazon, UK

Arvee, a white laboratory mouse, finds friendship and adventure in his new life as a house pet.


HIDDEN FIRES / Seagull Books, 2003

Five short and provocative dramatic monologues about communal strife, identity and human dignity.

Amazon, INDIA

THIS IS SUKI!, Duckfoot Press, 2000 (out of print)

A collection of SUKI cartoons from the pages of The Pioneer, New Delhi, mid-1990s.


GETTING THERE / Picador India, 1999 (Note: I am working on a fresh edition of this title, to be published by HACHETTE INDIA, possibly this year)

A travel memoir, set in the mid ’70s, when the author spent five months in Germany and Holland, chasing after two men. And enlightenment.

Amazon, USA

Harvest Cover

HARVEST / Kali for Women, 1998 (this edition out of print)

The Onassis award winning play about selling organs, souls and human dignity in the global market place.

Review, Madhu Jain, INDIA TODAY

Review (theatre), Martin Denton, NY Theatre


HOT DEATH, COLD SOUP / Kali for Women, 1996 (out of print)

A collection of short stories, including A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA UNDERTAKING about a govt. department of reincarnation.

Review (third one down on the page) Dinyar Godrej, THE NEW INTERNATIONALIST



(in chronological sequence, starting with the first published):


BOOK 01: A VISIT TO THE CITY MARKET / National Book Trust, 1986

A textless picture book in which mother and her two children go shopping at their local market, encountering a number of characters and creatures along the way.


BOOK 02: I AM DIFFERENT! / Tulika Books, 2007

A picture puzzle book in which young readers must pick out the single element that is different from all the others in a group.



BOOK 03: WHERE’S THAT CAT? / Tulika Books, 2009

Children’s picture book in which a little girl goes out on the streets, looking for her little orange cat, Pooni.



BOOK 04: SAME & DIFFERENT / Tulika Books, 2010

A picture puzzle book in which young readers must find the two matching figures amongst a group of similar images.



BOOK 05: THE WORLD TOUR MYSTERY / Tulika Books, 2011

A picture-travel and puzzle book in which a family of six travels around the world. Young readers can try to figure out their itinerary from clues in the pictures.



BOOK 06: WE ARE DIFFERENT! / Tulika Books, 2013

A picture puzzle book in which young readers must pick a number of different figures from amongst groups of similar ones.